Yitu sexy underwear

1 Introduction

As a special way of dressing, sexy underwear has become more and more popular. In recent years, market demand has increased year by year.As one of the well -known domestic brands in Yitu, Yitu sex underwear has a high level in design and quality, becoming the first choice for the vast number of sexy lingerie lovers.

2. Sexuality and Emotional Lingerie Series

Sexuality and Emotional Lingerie Series is one of the fist products of Yitu Funye underwear. It has both traditional hollow, lace and lace style, as well as gorgeous beads, rivets and sequins.It is sexy queen or cute loli, which can meet their needs.

3. Adult sex lingerie series

The adult sex lingerie series is a series launched by Yitu sexy underwear for sex occasions. In addition to the sexy appearance design, it also uses high -quality materials and precise workmanship, which makes the entire series has a high -end, high -quality sense, andHigh value.This series includes various styles, such as tube tops, straps, underwear, etc., which are not only suitable for habitual partners, but also for dating of heterosexual partners.

4. European and American sex lingerie series

The European and American sex lingerie series integrates the style of European and American fashion elements and Asian style, combining fashion and sexy.Its design is inspired by the popular elements in Europe and the United States, such as low -cut, split, back, diamond inlaid, tassel, etc., which combines the grace and freshness of Asian women, forming a very unique sexy underwear.

5. Beauty sex lingerie series

Beauty sex lingerie series is the exclusive series of Yitu sexy underwear specially launched by couples with heterosexual tendencies.Whether it is to require nakedness, changing cuteness, sexy flames, or romance, Yitu sexy underwear can meet the requirements you need.The sexy level of this series is not as good as the adult series, but it is full of vitality, freshness and cuteness.

6. Sexual Jagper Series

The sex jumpsuit series is one of the most special and sexy products of Yitu sexy underwear.It is made of pure cotton fabric, which is comfortable, soft, breathable, and more unique.Many couples choose this unique jumpsuit in sex to increase interest.Not only can we wear a different experience to the other half on private sex occasions, but wearing life in daily life is also more colorful.

7. Interest underwear series

The sexy panties series is the most classic series of Yitu sexy underwear. Its style and style are very diverse, including T pants, G string, thongs, briefs, flat -corner pants, etc.The sexy index of this series is different, suitable for women with different personalities.Among them, T pants are the most classic and most representative models in this series. It has a super sexy strength. If it matches a sexy stockings, it is difficult to resist.

8. Fun Belly Bad Board Series

The fun bellyband series is memorable. Its design is to make women more confident and sexy.It changes the position between the chest and the navel from the past with a fabric to stack it with a tulle fabric to make the body more natural and increase the charm of women.The types of bellybands are relatively small, but each one is very creative and sexy.

9. Sex Bust Patch Series

The sex chest sticker series is a kind of innovative product of Yitu sexy underwear. It re -interprets the traditional bras design, removes all the coasters and shoulder straps in the traditional bra, and pastes glue on both sides of the chest and back.This may be a bit abstract. It is used to use his mouth, but the body is unrestrained, making the chest more natural, and the degree of sexy is naturally high.

10. Interest socks series

The sex socks series is a embellishment product of Yitu sexy underwear. Unlike other series, it is not used by Congratulations, but adds different fun in a sexy sex mode alone, charming, sexy, or hot.Waiting for the style of socks, it is full of imagination and use more details to outline the beauty on the smartphone.


Yitu Interesting Lingerie is a well -known brand in China, which has the characteristics of high -end, sexy, stylish, and comfortable.Its series of styles cover the needs of women with different personalities. Its high -quality and precise craftsmanship have been recognized by the majority of sexy underwear enthusiasts.Whether you pay attention to sexy or create a foreign style, Yitu sexy underwear can provide you with a perfect dressing plan.

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