Yiwu 1688 sexy underwear factory

Yiwu 1688 sex underwear factory to analyze sex underwear types for you

There are many types of sexy underwear, while Yiwu 1688 sex underwear factories have been committed to providing the most comprehensive sexy lingerie styles to meet the needs of different consumers.Let’s take a look at the various types of sexy underwear together.

Classic sexy lingerie

Classic sexy lingerie is the most common type of sexy underwear.It is simple and atmospheric, which can highlight the sexy and charm of women, giving people a mysterious and tempting feeling.Specifically, classic sexy underwear mainly includes lace perspective underwear, lace sling underwear, hollow underwear and other styles.

New style European and American sexy underwear

New European and American sexy underwear includes several different styles of sexy underwear.They are innovative in design and styles, and they are more in line with the aesthetic needs of modern people.Among them, alternative bed game series, retro sex lingerie series, classical European underwear series, etc. are more representative new European and American sex underwear.

No steel circle fun underwear

No steel circle fun underwear pays more attention to comfort.Compared with traditional erotic underwear, its design is more fit in ergonomics, more in line with women’s figure, and can achieve a comfortable and natural wearable experience.In addition, the style of non -steel -free sexy underwear is also very rich. There are various styles such as lace, silk, cotton, lace triangle panties to choose from.

Tube top sexy underwear

The tube top sexy underwear is a more special sexy underwear type.It not only focuses on sexy, but also attaches great importance to temperament and literature and art, suitable for some women who love independent personality.When buying, you can choose different materials and color tube top sexy underwear according to your body and skin color.

Improved sexy underwear

Improved sexy underwear is a improvement of traditional sexy underwear.Traditional sexy underwear design often occurs problems such as unfjrals, uncomfortableness, and easy dispersion, and improved sexy underwear can solve these problems in design.For example, you can strengthen the strength of the deduction, increase the texture of the underwear, and improve the quality of the underwear.

Pure cotton sexy underwear

Pure cotton sexy underwear is a healthy and comfortable sexy underwear type.Compared to other sexy lingerie, pure cotton sexy underwear is more breathable and softer, and sweat -absorbing is better.It is especially suitable for some sensitive skin and people with allergies.When choosing, it is recommended to choose some soft and not shrinking underwear to maintain long -term dressing comfort.

Large -scale sexy underwear

Large -scale sexy underwear is suitable for women with plump figure.Their design focuses on maintaining contours and aesthetics while ensuring comfort.Large -scale sexy underwear has many styles, including lace, pearls, silk and other styles for selection.When choosing, you can choose different styles of sexy underwear according to your body, preferences and occasions.

Nightclub bar -type sexy underwear

The nightclub bar -type sexy underwear pays more attention to personality and uniqueness.They usually use brighter and bold colors, which will make you more outstanding when appearing in nightclubs and other occasions.When buying, it is recommended to choose shiny materials, comfortable styles and fitting size.


The above are several mainstream sexy underwear types.Of course, this is just a corner of the iceberg of many sexy underwear. With the needs of the market, there will also be more new style of sexy underwear.The most important thing when choosing sex underwear is to choose according to your body, preferences and occasions, so as to truly reflect your charm and personality.

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