You can get out of the street sexy underwear

You can get out of the street sexy underwear

Interest underwear is generally considered to be only suitable for wearing in private occasions, and it is not suitable for going out.However, some fun underwear is full of design. With the appropriate matching method, you can wear it out of the street and even become a new fashion pet.The following will introduce you to some sexy underwear that can be out of the street.

1. Bralette -style sexy underwear

Bralette’s sexy underwear is a very popular style in recent years. Its design sense is relatively strong. Generally, it is decorated with lotus leaf edge, square collar, lace.Sexy and elegant feeling.If a loose jacket or windbreaker, you can also create a retro fashion fan.

2. Bottom pants sexy underwear

Base -pants sexy underwear is a very versatile style. It can be used to match various items, such as high -waisted jeans, short skirts, wide -leg pants, and so on.If you choose a style with lighter color and not too much pattern, you can also wear it during the day.And this sexy underwear is generally soft and comfortable to wear.

3. Mesh -style sexy underwear

The material of the Mesh -style sexy underwear is a plaid fabric with better breathability, so it is very suitable for summer out of the street.And because the style of this sexy underwear is relatively simple, it can be matched with a variety of different styles.For example, with a denim jacket, you can create a casual and natural refreshment.

4. Croptop -style sexy underwear

Croptop’s sexy underwear has a short length, which can generally only expose the navel part. Therefore, it is best to choose a relatively high waist item when matching.This sexy underwear is very suitable for summer wear. For example, with high -waisted jeans and sneakers, it can create a casual and natural feeling.

5. Bodysuit -style sexy underwear

BodySUIT sexy underwear is a conjoined design that can be selected with innovative lace decorations in important parts. Generally, it is matched with high -waisted jeans or wide -leg pants.This sexy underwear is more slim, so it can easily cover the belly part and show exquisite figure.

6. Fine shoulder strap style sexy underwear

Fine shoulder strap -style erotic underwear is usually relatively cool and breathable is also very good. It is more suitable for going out in summer.This sexy underwear is generally suitable for loose pants or short skirts.Because the design is relatively simple, it can be matched with different items according to changes in temperature.

7. LACE-UP-style sexy underwear

LACE-UP-style sexy underwear is a relatively radical design. Its jackets usually use strap-type decorations to adjust the tightness of the top.This sexy underwear needs to be bolder when wearing it. It can be paired with high -waisted pants, loose pants or short skirts to provide better support and display for your chest.

8. Private places decorative sexy underwear

Private decorative sexy lingerie refers to adding sexy underwear of decorative elements to the private parts.This sexy underwear is more suitable for wearing in private places, and it is not suitable for going out of the street.But if you are very chic and confident, you can also try to wear them without fear.

9. Sheer -style sexy underwear

Sheer -style sexy underwear is a translucent design that can show the color of the skin, which is more suitable for high -waist wide -leg pants, short skirts or shorts.Because the style is relatively avant -garde, you need to pay attention to the harmony and balance of the overall match when matching.

10. Lace dress -style sexy underwear

The lace dress -style sexy underwear is a combination of two elements of sexy underwear and dresses. It can be said that it is a brand new design model.This sexy underwear is very elegant, and at the same time shows the sexy of women.There are generally fewer items. If you choose a pair of high heels, you can definitely create an unforgettable visual effect.


You can make women’s sexy underwear more confident and boldly expressing their sexy and beauty, but when choosing, you also need to pay attention to the harmoniousness and balance of the overall matching.Choose the right sexy underwear to show charming female charm.

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