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Romantic billionaire

Romantic billionaire is a sexy lingerie style, which usually includes a lace satin pajamas, a large soft thick pilling robe, and a belt.


Playing fun is a sexy underwear series that achieves the purpose of improving sex by increasing some parts of the female body.This series usually includes bras with teasing details, lace briefs, and mesh stockings fixed on the hips.

Stuffy style

The sullen style is a sexy underwear series, which is simple design, but it is full of breath.Common styles include transparent and soft lace bra and lace triangle. Models often wear ultra -short hot pants on it. Such a combination can fully reflect the aroma of women.

Sexy tights

Sexy tights are a kind of tight sexy underwear, which can show the beauty of women.It is usually made of elastic materials and can be worn alone or with his sex clothing.This kind of underwear is very sexy, suitable for hot lust between husband and wife.

role play

Role -playing is a unique sexy underwear series that allows users to create different erotic experiences by changing different clothing and characters.For example, police, nurses, stewardess, school uniforms, etc., you can choose different clothing to experience different roles and interests.

Underwear suit

Underwear suits are usually composed of bras, briefs and stockings, which can help women eliminate the problem of choosing underwear, and it is more suitable for women who do not want to wear underwear alone.Underwear suits can make women more confident and beautiful.Classic black underwear suits are suitable for wearing under various occasions.


Lirch vest is a sexy female underwear, which is usually made of soft lace structure, which can provide high degree of protection and comfort for women’s upper body.At the same time, it can also fully show women’s skin tone.

Lace full set

A full set of lace is a kind of sexy underwear made of lace. It usually includes bras, tops, dresses, belts, etc., which can make women present an elegant and noble temperament in wearing.A full set of lace can create a unique sexy charm for women, which is very popular with women.


Stockings camisole can make women more charming. Its length is usually the center of the thigh, which can be worn at home or in romantic dinner.It is suitable for matching with other sexy lingerie.

Sexy suspension socks

Sexy camisole socks are usually made of elastic stockings, which can make women’s legs more slender and beautiful.Its design can be fixed on the front of the thigh, extending to the back of the back, and effectively shows the woman’s body.

Conclusion: The above is some of my knowledge of common sexy underwear. The sexy underwear may be considered a more mysterious thing in the past, but as people’s quality of life improves, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of people’s lives.EssenceIndeed, sexy underwear is not suitable for everyone, but for those who want to increase life and experience physical pleasure, sexy underwear is worth trying.