Zhao Enjing Intellectual Underwear Wars Fighting Fortune Second Generation

A journey of love between Zhao Enjing and the second generation

Zhao Enjing is a sexy underwear expert, and he has a look at all kinds of underwear.She met a rich second generation on the social platform, and the two started a war about sexy underwear.

The beginning of the second generation of the rich and the cold field

Zhao Enjing was invited to participate in the luxury party of the second generation.That night, the rich second generation gave Zhao Enjing a set of pink lace sexy underwear, but because Zhao Enjing did not know how to respond, the atmosphere was embarrassing.

Zhao Enjing’s Redemption: Recommend a hot style

In order to restore the atmosphere, Zhao Enjing recommended a hot sexy sexy underwear to the rich second generation, which made the rich second generation look at Zhao Enjing’s professional ability, and the love path of the two also began.

The arrogance of the rich second generation and Zhao Enjing’s unyielding

In the sexy underwear recommended by Zhao Enjing, the second generation of rich two generations pointed out some issues that did not meet his taste, and said that they had more understanding of sexy underwear.However, Zhao Enjing was not discouraged, and she firmly believed in her professional knowledge.

Zhao Enjing’s counterattack: a underwear that surprised the rich second generation

In order to make the rich second generation look at himself, Zhao Enjing chose a beige lace hollow and buckled sex underwear, successfully defeated the prejudice of the rich second generation, which surprised him.

Challenge of the rich second generation: the controversy of Western and Chinese

The rich second generation believes that Western -style sexy underwear is more sexy, but Zhao Enjing firmly believes that the charm of Chinese sexy underwear cannot be replaced.The two started a debate about style choice.

Zhao Enjing’s finale: A set of amazing European and American sexy underwear

In order to allow the rich second generation to give up the obsession with Western -style sexy underwear, Zhao Enjing specially selected a set of European and American sex underwear, showing an unusual sexy charm.This has made the second generation of Zhao Enjing’s views changing tremendously.

Romance of the rich second generation: surprise gifts of Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s Day arrived, Zhao Enjing waited at his door, but the rich second generation never appeared.When she stepped into the room from the balcony of the rich second -generation room, she found that all his furniture was placed into a painting. Behind the painting is the exquisite sexy lingerie gift prepared by the rich second generation for her.

Zhao Enjing’s understanding and insight in sexy underwear

Zhao Enjing believes that sexy underwear is not only a decoration, but also a secret weapon that can bring sexy and confidence to women.Her understanding and insights of sexy underwear helped her conquer the heart of the rich second generation.

The secret to achieve love: interesting and learning together

Zhao Enjing and the second generation of the rich use the sexy underwear to understand and communicate with each other to help the two sides establish deep feelings.In addition to hot love underwear, the two sides also learn knowledge and skills in other fields to make the feelings stronger.


Zhao Enjing met with the second generation of the rich two generations because of the erotic underwear. After some war and controversy, they finally came together.Their story tells us that sexy underwear is a magical clothing that can create miracles and awaken people’s inner passion and desire.And the fun and learning together are the key to achieving love and happiness.