Cheongsam Lien Sports Lingerie Beauty Picture

Cheongsam Lien Sports Lingerie Beauty Picture


Cheongsam Lianyouye underwear is a very distinctive underwear, combining the beauty of cheongsam and conjoined, and at the same time incorporates sexy and sexy elements.The popularity in the market has become the first choice for many women.Let ’s take a look at cheongsam’ s physical and sexy underwear, and its amazing performance in the beauty.


The characteristic of cheongsam Lianyouye underwear is that it is a V -shaped neckline on the chest, exposing sexy collarbone and small clavicle. The chest is gripped, exuding unlimited temptation.And unlike traditional jackets, it also has a circle of lace decorations on the shoulders, adding a sense of gorgeousness and mystery.In addition, the lower part of the cheongsam even the lower part of the sexy underwear is also very special. There is also a lace decoration on it, and the legs below are loose cheongsam styles, which highlights the figure.


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The main style of Cheongsam Lian’s sexy underwear is sexy, gorgeous, and mysterious, and also has both the elements of some traditional cheongsams, such as the Q version of the cheongsam pattern or the decoration of lace.This style can be impressed whether it is in a sexy party or on a private bed.

How to match

Cheongsam Lianyou’s sexy underwear can be paired with some more classic high heels, such as black or red pointed high -heeled shoes, so that you can better highlight your elegant and sexy side.And this conjoined underwear can also be paired with jewelry, such as a string of diamond necklaces or an earrings, which can make you more dazzling.

When to wear

Cheongsam Lien’s sexy underwear is most suitable for formal sexy parties or fun dating, which can make you more outstanding and confident.If you want to wear in bed, you can also consider wearing some of the color and rebellion, highlighting the sexy and style of the other side.

Suitable crowd

Cheongsam Lianyou’s sexy underwear is suitable for young, sexy, and confident women. If you want to show your unique temperament and personality, this underwear will be a very good choice.

Color recommendation

The color choice of cheongsam even more colorful underwear is also very rich. For example, you can choose some classic black or red, or you can choose some low -key light gray or pink.If you want to have some colorful, you can consider some bold colors, such as purple or blue.

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Wearing demonstration

Here are some photos of some beautiful women wearing cheongsam and bodywear underwear. They show the different effects of different colors, different styles, and in different occasions.

Beautiful pictures

(Insert a number of beautiful pictures of beautiful women wearing cheongsam and body clothes to show the effects of different styles and occasions.)


Cheongsam Lianyou’s sexy underwear is a very individual underwear. With its unique design and structure, it is very prominent in sexy, gorgeous, and mysterious aspects.If you are a woman who loves beautiful and pursuing taste, then wearing cheongsam and sexy underwear may bring you new visual and feelings.