Stockings Stockings Instead Underwear Pictures

Stockings Stockings Instead Underwear Pictures

Stockings sex underwear pictures

The generation of stockings

As a common sexy underwear, stockings have a long history in China.As early as the Ming Dynasty, stockings had become the daily wear of Chinese women.Later, with the advancement of technology, silk has become a more smooth "stockings" after processing, becoming a favorite fashion item for Chinese women, and has attracted global attention.

Types of stockings

The most common types of stockings are divided into nude stockings, black stockings, gray stockings, red stockings, etc.In addition, according to the occasions and styles of wearing, there are many types of suspenders, net eye stockings, lace stockings, and knee stockings for people to choose from.

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Choice of stockings

The choice of stockings needs to be considered according to the height, weight, skin color, and wearing occasions.If you are fat, you can choose black or dark stockings, which has inhibitory effects.If the skin tone is white, you can choose light brown or light blue stockings, with light -colored high heels, which looks more charming.When wearing on a formal occasion, you should choose nude or black stockings to appear more generous.

Matching of stockings

As a classic sexy underwear, stockings are undoubtedly a artistic combination with various clothing.Usually, the mix of stockings can be performed according to color and texture.Black stockings are suitable for matching with dark skirts. Gray stockings are suitable for matching with white and light -colored skirts. Red stockings are suitable for matching with black and white gray clothing and highlighting their sexy charm.

Maintenance of stockings

In the process of using and storing stockings, you need to pay attention to the maintenance of stockings.It is recommended to place stockings in a ventilated and dry environment to avoid direct sunlight for a long time.In addition, do you need to catch or hook when using stockings, do not collide with sharp nails, belts or accessories to avoid damage of stockings.

The mystery of stockings

As a sexy underwear, stockings naturally have some mysteries.When wearing stockings, you can add some fragrant fragrance in skirts and shorts, which can more stimulate people’s senses.The friction of stockings can affect the psychological psychology. The feeling of "friction" is considered to stimulate the hormonal secretion in the human body.

The danger of stockings

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Although stockings are loved by people as a kind of sexy underwear, it is often dangerous to wearing stockings for obese or older people.Stockings can compress the body’s blood vessels, causing the legs to bruises in the legs. In severe cases, it can even affect the cardiovascular system. If necessary, you should choose a bodybuilding underwear with the stockings to replace it.

The sexy of stockings

As a sexy underwear, stockings have a strong sexy attribute and play a role that cannot be ignored in emotional life.Wearing stockings to show the beautiful leg lines, not only a sense of visual impact, but also mobilize the desire of the lover.In sexual life, different patterns of stockings can bring people more excitement and pleasure.

The development of stockings

With the change of the times, stockings are also developing.Today, there are more and more types and styles of stockings, which not only has a sexy atmosphere, but also allows people to experience a unique dressing experience.I believe that in the future development, stockings will continue to evolve to create more fashion styles.

The conclusion of stockings

As a kind of sexy underwear, stockings have classic cultural significance and strong sexy attributes.For those who love erotic underwear, stockings are not only a fashionable item, but also a sexy underwear with unique pleasure.When buying stockings, you need to choose according to your skin color, body and dressing occasions to show the most beautiful self.