Sex underwear recruitment trial micro -signal

Sex underwear recruitment trial micro -signal

Background introduction

With the increase of people’s attention to sexual health and fun life, sexy underwear has become a very popular costume.Due to the growth of market demand, many sexy underwear companies are looking for trials in order to evaluate product quality and comfort.

Recruitment trial WeChat

At present, more and more sex underwear companies use WeChat platforms to recruit trials to reduce communication costs and improve recruitment efficiency.Through WeChat, recruiters can send messages to interested women and invite them to participate in trials.

Requirements for trials

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Interest underwear companies usually need to try on the age of 18 to 35. They are well -known, have no obvious flaws, and have curiosity about new things.

Trial process

The trial process usually contains the following links:

Buying: The trials choose the love lingerie style on the WeChat platform and provide personal information.

Invitation: Interesting underwear companies send trial invitations to buyers, and arrange trial time and place.

Trial: The trials evaluate the product during the trial and provide personal feelings and feedback.

Reward: The trial company usually provides cash rewards or discount coupons to the trials.

Precautions for trial

You need to pay attention to the following points when trying on:

Sexy Costumes

Hygiene: You need to clean and disinfect before using trials.

Pay attention to safety: You need to avoid excessive pulling or using intense movements when trying on, so as not to cause accidental damage.

Provide real feedback: The trials should truly reflect their feelings and evaluations so that the erotic underwear company improves products.

The benefits of trial penetration

The trial not only provides the channels for product quality and comfort evaluation for sex underwear companies, but also provides users with opportunities to understand and attempts different sexy lingerie styles and types to better meet their needs for sexual health and interesting life.

in conclusion

By recruiting trials, sex underwear companies can better understand user needs and improve products, and provide users with a better shopping experience.And trials can also understand the characteristics of different sexy underwear in the trial, and find the product that suits them best.