Sexy underwear beauty bathroom selfie

Sexy underwear beauty bathroom selfie


Selfie has become a very common behavior in modern society, and selfies in the bathroom have attracted much attention.However, there are some issues that need to pay attention to when choosing a selfie of a beauty underwear beauty bathroom.In this article, we will introduce you what you should pay attention to.

Pay attention to hygiene issues

Hygiene is an important issue for selfies of beauty underwear beauty.Before taking pictures, the bathroom should be cleaned.When cleaning the bathroom, it is best to use some disinfection supplies to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

Choose the right sexy underwear

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When choosing a sexy underwear, you should consider your body and complexion.This can better show your advantages.At the same time, the size of sexy underwear should be appropriate, otherwise it will affect the effect of selfie.

Pay attention to light and angle

Lighting and angle is also a very important factor in the selfies of sexy underwear.You should choose the right light so that you can better show your figure and sexy underwear.At the same time, when choosing an angle, you must also consider the characteristics of the scene and your own figure.

Be natural

When taking pictures, you should maintain naturally and avoid excessive movements and expressions as much as possible.This can better show your beauty and confidence.

Pay attention to privacy

When choosing the location of the shooting, you must pay attention to the privacy.It is best to choose some places where no one comes to take pictures.This can avoid some embarrassing scenes, while also improving the comfort of taking pictures.

Choose the right scene

When selecting the scene, choose the situation according to the situation.The best scene is some simple background, so that the characteristics of sexy underwear can be better displayed.

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Avoid too exposed

When taking selfies, it should be avoided too exposed.Too exposed will give people a bad impression, and it will also affect the effect of taking pictures.

Pay attention to safety issues

Safety is always the most important.When taking selfies with sexy underwear, you must pay attention to your own safety.Some dangerous actions and scenes should be avoided to avoid unnecessary harm.


After the above introduction, we have learned about the issues that you need to pay attention to when taking selfies when you take a selfie of the beauty underwear.If we can take selfies in accordance with the above suggestions, then we can definitely get more beautiful and confident effects.

personal opinion

Although sexy lingerie beauty selfies are a very common behavior in modern society, we still need to pay attention to some problems to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and harm.When taking selfies, we must pay attention to the problems of hygiene, scenes, privacy, security, etc. to better show our beauty and confidence.