Sexy underwear exposed breasts

Sexy underwear exposed breasts

Sexy underwear exposed breasts

The exposed breasts are one of the most popular sexy underwear in recent years.It is especially suitable for women who want to show the sexy breast curve and attract attention.However, the shape of the exposed breasts has a variety of shapes and different materials, so it may also cause a headache to buy.This article will introduce the types and purchase methods of exposed breasts.

1. Triangular cup exposed milk breasts

Triangle cup exposed breasts are a classic style.It is designed with triangular cups, suitable for women with full chest and beautiful shape.The material of this bra is usually lace or cotton, which makes people feel comfortable and breathable, while also showing sexy charm.

2. Flat cup exposed breasts

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The flat cup exposed milk bras are simple, there is no triangular design, but it can still show sexy charm.Its cup is straight and can be promoted to a full chest to a certain extent.This kind of bras have a variety of materials, including lace, cotton, silk, etc.

3. Push cup -type exposed milk chest

Pushing cup -type exposed breasts is a bray bra that makes the chest fuller.Its cup looks like a trampoline, wrapped the entire chest, but it will not cover the outline of the chest and show a sexy curve.Pushing cup -type exposed breasts is mostly material, sexy without losing gentleness.

4. Found -built exposed milk bra

The design of the front buckle breasts is relatively unique.Its buttons are on the head of the bra, which is convenient to wear and use, and it is also a particularly sexy design.Made of silk such as silk to show the charm of women’s elegance.

5. lace exposed milk bra

Lace exposed breasts are a very common style.It is made of lace material to show elegant charm.The cup design is mostly triangular and peaceful mouth shape, with beautiful shapes.This bra is more suitable for choosing softer colors, such as light or pale pink.

6. Net yarn exposed breasts

Net yarn exposed breasts are a bold style.It is made of transparent thin mesh, combined with lace or other details.Can make the chest look more sexy and charming.


7. Gathering exposed milk breasts

Gathering exposed milk bras are a better gathered chest, causing visual illusion.Its cup has a lot of shapes, usually with triangles, flat mouth and other shapes.The material is usually lace or cotton, which is comfortable to wear.

8. Business -type exposed breasts

Finally, a business -style exposed breasts sexy underwear must be one of the essentials of creating sexy attractive images in the office.This bras are made of comfortable and smooth materials, which are usually black and white, suitable for wearing in formal occasions.

in conclusion

When choosing the exposed breasts, you need to make a choice based on your physical form, chest size and other factors.At the same time, you can also consider adding eye blessings to your partner.No matter what style of exposed breasts, it can show its sexy charm through it.