Sexy underwear exposed the anchor’s chest

Sexy underwear exposed the anchor's chest

Sexy underwear exposed the anchor’s chest

With the rapid development of modern entertainment, online anchors have become an increasingly common profession.They attracted the attention of the audience in various ways, one of which was wearing sexy sexy underwear.However, this approach has aroused many controversy and comments in the audience. Many people think that this approach is immoral.Let’s take a look at this problem below.

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear, also known as sexy underwear or adult underwear, is a kind of underwear designed to enhance sexual desire and charm.It is characterized by the use of lace, silver gauze, silk and other materials, showing the feminine curve, and at the same time arouses the sexual impulse of men.There are many styles of sexy underwear, including bra, underwear, jackets, skirts, socks, and so on.

The use of sexy underwear in the webcasting

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More and more online anchors began to wear sexy underwear to attract the audience.They believe that this approach can attract more attention and fans, and can also increase income.However, this approach often causes the dissatisfaction and controversy of some audiences.

What is the reason for the dispute?

Many people think that this approach is an immoral behavior because it uses men’s instincts and desires to obtain wealth.These people believe that webcasting should be a normal and healthy environment, not a place full of pornography and vulgar content.

Is sexy underwear suitable for use in network live broadcast?

In fact, this question does not have a clear answer.On the one hand, sexy underwear inevitable can cause sexual impulses, which is immoral for some people.On the other hand, online anchors have the right to express their own style and personality clearly. As long as they do not violate the law, they should be considered free expression. Therefore, whether we support the use of sexy underwear in online broadcasting, we should respectPersonal rights and freedom expression.

The trend of rapid changes in sexy underwear

With the development of society, the design of sexy underwear is constantly changing.Not only changes in styles and colors, but also changes in materials and functions.Many sexy underwear now also includes health functions, such as correction of the shape of the chest, reducing waist circumference, and so on.This makes sexy underwear more popular with women, not simply a sexual product.

Suggestions to use sexy underwear correctly

If you want to try sexy underwear in the webcast, the following are some suggestions:

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Make sure your wearing does not violate laws or live broadcast platforms.

Don’t be too exposed, obscene or vulgar.

Choose sexy underwear suitable for your own style, rather than follow the waves.

Reasonably control the frequency of use of sexy underwear.


There is no clear answer to whether sexy underwear is appropriate in the network live broadcast.However, we should respect everyone’s rights and free expression.We should encourage everyone to decide whether to wear sexy underwear, as long as this does not violate the law and moral practice.In the end, it is important to use sexy underwear correctly. Do not let it become a matter of morality and law.