Special sexy underwear

Special sexy underwear

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear is endless in the market, but there is a kind of sexy underwear that is more special, that is, sexy underwear designed for specific people or special occasions.Below, let’s explore these special sexy underwear together.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy underwear refers to the more simple design, but it can still evoke people’s interesting underwear.They have unique characteristics in materials, color, and tailoring.For example, lace underwear, transparent underwear, sling underwear, etc.These underwear styles are simple and exquisitely designed, suitable for daily wear, especially suitable for newlyweds or couples to wear together to enhance their feelings between each other.

Especially sorrowful sheets

Special ingot underwear is a special sexy underwear that focuses on sexy and "show".These underwear styles are designed with ultra -mini skirts, thongs, three -point style, etc. The materials are mainly patent leather or plastic materials.These irritating styles are suitable for sexy wild or specially pursuing people.Wearing these underwear can make people feel more intense stimulation and interest in sex.

Feather underwear

Feather underwear is a unique and creative erotic underwear.They usually have the characteristics of light and soft, and can bring a angel angle to women.Feather underwear can not only evoke human lust, but also create a warm and romantic atmosphere for people.Wearing feather underwear can make people feel happiness and beauty, and the intimate sex experience also has more people who have worshiping the population.

Leather underwear

Leather underwear is specially designed for "cross -border customers".They have the quality of sexy and personal charm, attracting those who like to cycling, motorcycles or to attend the "dark" party.These underwear mostly use leather or other similar materials. The design is basically black or dark, full of freedom, sexy, and personality. It is a fashion match beyond the traditional sexy underwear category.

Makeup sexy underwear

Makeup sexy underwear is also a more creative sexy underwear.They are specially used to use the characteristics of cosmetics to create special effects for underwear.For example, coating lace underwear with high -gravity lipstick can make underwear more attractive; apply cosmetics such as lip gloss on the underwear, which can make the underwear show special color and texture.

Crystal underwear

Crystal underwear has become a collection of some fashion women with its high -end luxury characteristics.Most of this underwear uses crystals as its main material, with exquisite design and unique craftsmanship.Crystal underwear is an eye -catching existence. It can bring bare comfort to women, and it can also dump the people around.Wearing crystal underwear will definitely become a unicorn under the spotlight.

Shiny underwear

Shining underwear is a kind of sexy underwear designed for formal occasions such as celebrations and parties.They usually use gold, silver, and red as the main color, plus a large amount of jewelry, silver and other decorations, shining brightly.Shining underwear is the best choice to reflect women’s style.Wearing such underwear is also easy to become the focus of the party.

Men’s underwear

Compared with women’s underwear, men’s underwear pays more attention to practicality and durability.However, in the spoils of the sexy underwear, the sound of men’s underwear began to be heard.Men’s erotic underwear shorts, tights, slings, etc., the material is lace, silk.Men wearing these underwear can not only enhance self -confidence, but also make sexual life more fun and changeable.


In general, special erotic underwear is a sexy underwear designed for users’ needs or special occasions, and their diversification meets people’s different needs.Whether it is a couple who wants to increase interest or looking for a different sex atmosphere, you can find the desired underwear style in the special sexy underwear market.

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