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Men’s summer sex underwear choice

With the rise of temperature, many men began to choose a light and breathable summer sexy underwear, especially underwear.When choosing, it is necessary to consider factors such as fabrics, comfort, styles and colors.

Fairy underwear fabric

The fabric of the summer sex underwear should choose soft, breathable, sweat absorption, fast dry and easy to clean.Commonly used fabrics include cotton, microfiber, Modal, ice silk and nylon.


High temperature and humidity in summer can easily make men’s private parts tired and impermeable.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, breathability is particularly important.You can choose the sexy underwear of the mesh, breathable yarn and cool fabric.


Compassion is the key factor when choosing summer sex underwear.The comfort of men’s underwear is related to factors such as styles, materials, size and other factors.Choosing the right size and loose style can bring you a better comfortable experience.


The style of the summer sex underwear should be comfortable, light, and natural, avoiding too much style and decoration.Low waist, flat mouth, and magic stickers are very suitable for wearing in summer.At the same time, choosing soft colors and printed styles is easier to match in summer clothing.

Style of underwear

Men’s summer underwear should choose comfortable and breathable styles, such as flat panties, briefs, flat trousers and ice panties.Good ventilation, dryness, non -sticky, and sweat absorption and dryness are the quality of men’s underwear, which is worth choosing.

Colorful sexy underwear

In summer, you can not only choose a simple and refreshing sexy underwear, but also the vibrant and colorful sexy underwear to increase the vividness of summer.For example, stitching styles, print patterns, and stereoscopic lines can enhance erotic atmosphere.

Sports sexy underwear

Summer is a good season for exercise, and many men also like to move outdoors.If you want to be comfortable when you exercise, you can choose sporty sexy underwear, such as high elasticity, sweat absorption, breathability, and not easy to excessively tighten.

Transparent/pink color sex lingerie

Transparent or pink sexy underwear can bring a gentle feeling to men, and at the same time add girls like girls.The transparent style is very breathable and natural, and the pink style can present a soft style.

High -end, luxurious sexy underwear

For men who are pursuing high -end and luxurious, summer sex underwear also has various expensive and noble choices.Silk fabrics, hand -sewing, jewelry decoration, etc. can all reflect this high -end quality, and make men feel confident and unique when wearing.


In summary, when choosing men’s summer sex underwear, you need to consider comprehensive factors such as fabric, breathability, comfort, style, color and price.Different people will choose different types of sexy underwear because of personal needs and tastes.The important thing is to choose the best one for you and get the best dressing effect.

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