The leader bought a sexy underwear and asked me to wear

Embarrassing leadership request

Suddenly received the notice from the leader, let me meet in his office early the next morning.At that time, I was a little worried, and I was afraid of what happened.But when I heard the leader’s request, I felt embarrassed.It turned out that the leader bought a set of erotic underwear and was about to give him away from his wife. But because of size and style, he wanted me to try it on and give him a suggestion.

The impact of professional ethics

As a sales manager of a sexy underwear manufacturing company, I am very familiar with all kinds of sexy lingerie styles and sizes.However, the leader asked me to try it on but made me feel a moral impact.I think this is not a suitable thing.

Master of size skills

Due to the requirements of the leadership, I had to solve the selection skills of sexy underwear size first.I checked the relevant information, including the standards of different countries and the differences in the size of the brand.And explain these techniques in detail with leaders.

Suggestions for professional knowledge

As an underwear expert, it is my responsibility to put forward the appropriate style and size to the leaders.I chose an elegant and sexy sexy underwear by understanding the characteristics of the leader’s wife and personal preferences, and gave the correct way of trying on the way of trying to penetrate

The value of rejection

Although the leader forcibly asked me to try it on, I could not violate my professional ethics and personal principles.Although it may bring some troubles to myself, I chose to refuse to lead the leadership, which represents my values and respect for occupations.

Rational communication

Although the leader asked me to try on, I couldn’t refuse too hard.I expressed my thoughts in a rational communication method and gave my formal suggestions.It is very important to respect each other’s rights in communication.

Think from the perspective of others

When recommending erotic underwear, I must think from the perspective of each other and respect the preferences of others.To correctly choose a sexy underwear suitable for the other person’s body, preferences and occasions, then I need professional judgment and understanding.I did this to make the shopping process smoother.

Perseverance of professional ethics

Everyone’s professional ethics has their own standards and limitations.For me, respect for professional ethics is the principle that must be adhered to.Although the leader asked me to do some unconventional things, my moral bottom line was irresistible.

The concept of service first

The service of the underwear industry is the concept that many companies have always adhered to.In my opinion, providing professional suggestions and high -quality services for customers is the key to enterprise development.Whether it is leader or ordinary consumers, I will recommend the most suitable sexy underwear for them with a professional and dedicated attitude.

My vision for occupation

As a sexy underwear expert, I have a high longing for my career.I know that I shoulder the mission to provide professional services for consumers.I will not violate my professional ethics and principles because of anyone’s request.I will continue to work hard to improve my professional knowledge and service quality and benefit more people.


Although the leader bought a sexy underwear and asked me to wear it. Although this incident made me a little embarrassing, I followed professional principles and moral standards to give reasonable suggestions and solutions.In future work, I will provide customers with better services and continuously improve my professional level.As a sexy underwear expert, I recognize and adhere to the concept and professional ethics.

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