The name of the shop in Japan who buys sexy underwear

Japan is a mysterious and sexy country, and the culture of interest has lasting in Japan.As an important part of sexy underwear, sexy underwear is naturally popular.If you happen to be in Japan and want to buy some sexy underwear and don’t know where to buy, let’s take a look at the name of the shop’s shop names in this article.

1. Sister Benpu

Sister Benpoo is a very popular shop in Japan that sells sexy underwear. The products of this shop are reminiscent of sexy student girls, so the sexy underwear here is very sweet and cute, and the price is relatively close to the people.

2. Pure Love Market

Pure love market is a sexual product chain store in many cities in Japan, including sexy underwear, sex toys, lubricants, condoms, etc. The products are complete and the price is not expensive.

3. Universal adidas

Many people may feel weird. How can adidas sell sexy underwear?In fact, adidas does not produce sexy underwear itself, but many ADIDAS stores in Japan will sell some finale products. These finale products are often sexual underwear produced by ADIDAS and sexy underwear brands. Each launch will cause a wave of snapping.


Legit is a local brand in Japan with the theme of promoting sex culture. Their star products are sexy underwear sold in the underwear Shinjuku Legit store. It is very fashionable and the price is not particularly expensive.


Mydifirst’s shops are selling various exquisite and sexy sexy underwear. If you need a sexy underwear that allows your sexy index to rise straight, you can try to go to this shop.


SexyStyle is a shop that specializes in sexy and sexy underwear. The atmosphere of the shop is very deep. Various sexy clothes are placed on the shelf. The lights are dim, making people feel that they are in a sexy and mysterious space.


EROS is one of the top sexy underwear brands in Japan. Their sexy underwear is popular and the price is not expensive. It is very suitable for tourists to travel to Japan to shop. & love

LOVE & Love is a very interesting shop. They are mainly consumer groups based on young women who pay attention to life taste. They sell various high -quality and sexy sexy underwear. The decoration of the shop is also very feminine.

9. Model underwear

Model underwear is a sexy underwear shop that can try various styles and styles, and the price is relatively affordable. It is a very good choice for housewives, students or female college students.

10. a Fairy

Y Fairy is a shop that provides sexy underwear for the nightclub work team. The style is very gorgeous. Girls wear underwear in the nightclub to make them more sexy.

The above is the name of the shops who buy sexy underwear in summary. If you are interested in Japanese sex culture and want to buy some sexy underwear, then these shops are good choices.

But we also need to remind everyone that while enjoying the culture of interest, we must also pay attention not to affect the health of ourselves and others.Cherish yourself and cherish your body.

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