The office wears fun underwear H text

The office wears fun underwear H text

In recent years, the popularity of sexy underwear has not only been welcomed in private places, but also more and more common in the office.Wearing sexy underwear can keep women confident in their work, and also increase the favorability of others for it.But how to choose suitable sexy lingerie styles to ensure decent decent at office occasions?The following will share some practical tips for you.

1. Understand the company’s regulations

Before wearing fun underwear in the office, please understand the company’s regulations.Some companies may stipulate that work clothes must wear opaque clothes.Therefore, please ensure that you understand the company’s regulations to avoid unnecessary trouble.

2. Pay attention to the material of underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of material.It is best to choose soft and comfortable cotton or silk texture underwear, which is not only more suitable for office occasions, but also more comfortable and healthy.

3. Avoid too exposed underwear

Although there are many sexy lingerie styles, the office should not choose too exposed styles.Avoid choosing too low -cut, ultra -short or too tight underwear, which may cause misunderstandings and discomfort from colleagues or superiors.

4. Choose a colorful underwear

When wearing sexy underwear in the office, you should choose as elegant colors as possible, such as white, beige, pale pink, etc. Because these colors are easy to match the office workwear, it will not appear abrupt or dazzling.

5. Choose the right pants type

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider the combination with pants.Whether it is skirts or pants, you should choose the right pants type to avoid the exposure of underwear or obvious marks.

6. Avoid too fancy styles

Before wearing fun underwear in the office, it is best to avoid choosing elements such as too fancy styles or too many lace and bow.This is not only inappropriate, but it is also easy to misunderstand.

7. Choose underwear that can be shaped

Conventional underwear may pick out women’s figure defects, while sexy underwear has a certain shaping effect.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can make women look slim and moving under the loose work clothes.

8. Arrange your time

When wearing sexy underwear, you must arrange the time reasonably.It is best to choose non -working hours, as before or after getting home or after get off work.In order to avoid accidents at work.

Overall, wearing erotic underwear needs to be carefully considered.Learn from the company’s regulations in advance, choose comfortable material, avoid excessiveness and low, too fancy, choosing underwear that can be shaped, and choosing the right pants type is an important suggestion.Once we wear it to meet the norms, so as to better show your temperament, decentness, elegance and confidence.

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