The number of models to shoot models

Shooting sexy underwear is a field that needs special attention, and there are many types of sexy underwear.Although each sexy underwear has its own uniqueness, if you want to really understand sexy underwear photography, you must understand some commonly used sexy lingerie styles.In this article, I will take you to gradually understand the skills and models of the shooting model wearing sexy lingerie.

1. Cup

Cup is an important part of sexy underwear, and there are many cups to choose from.For example, triangle, balance, V -neck, shoulder, shoulder -free straps, etc.During the shooting photography, the appropriate cup shape should be selected to match the model of the model.Make sure that there are no gaps or squeezing the cup.In the photo, the cup should look smooth, natural, and perfectly suitable for the shape of the model.

2. Bottom pants

The choice of bottom -up style is also very important.Metal, silk, ice silk and lace pants are common choices.When shooting sexy underwear, you should use the underwear that coordinated with the top.The bottom pants should be as much as possible to reduce the lines and seams to ensure that they complement each other.When choosing a bottom pants, pay attention to matching the body shape of the model.

3. Local sexy underwear

Even physical underwear is very common in shooting photography.The design of this sexy underwear is basically a single underwear combined with tops and bottom pants.Even the design of the sexy underwear makes the model look more sexy, and the streamlined shape will make shooting photography more beautiful.

4. Vest -style sexy underwear

The vest sexy underwear refers to the design of the top of the top of the vest.This sexy underwear style is suitable for models with tattoos on the back or characteristics that need to highlight the back.The design is simple and beautiful, which largely reduces the unnecessary parts of the underwear, making the model more prominent.

5. Truck driver hat erotic underwear

The design of the truck driver’s hats is inspired by the truck driver’s hat.The top design has a hat similar to the driver’s hat.This type of erotic underwear is suitable for taking more gorgeous or interesting sexy underwear photos.This type of sexy underwear increases decorative, making it more complicated and attractive.

6. chest sticker

In addition to traditional sexy lingerie styles, there are also some more innovative designs.For example, the chest sticker on the body.This kind of sexy underwear will not have a strap, just stick to the chest, which can reduce the inconvenience of using other erotic underwear.This sexy underwear is very suitable for taking off -shoulder or back photos.When using this sexy underwear, you must make sure it is firmly attached to the model’s chest to avoid any embarrassing situation.

7. Capacity underwear

Capacity underwear is a very popular sexy lingerie style.This style usually uses a hollow effect on tops or underwear, so that some areas of the clothes show a bright effect.The effect of this underwear is very prominent, suitable for shooting photos of bold or European and American sexy underwear.

8. Lace erotic underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a classic, sexy sexy lingerie style, suitable for taking charming and romantic photos.This sexy underwear is very suitable for use with tedious lace and flower patterns.Placing the model on soft light to take photos of lace sexy underwear, which can highlight its natural beauty, clear outline and unique texture.

9. Tight underwear

Tight underwear is suitable for photo photos. Due to its personal design, the model of the model can be clearly displayed.They can also strengthen the advantages of the model body and the outline of the beautiful lines. Tight underwear is usually made of elastic material. It can better push the model’s curve forward and attract the eyeballs to the greatest extent. Be sure to choose the appropriate brand when shooting.

10. bra and underwear suit

Finally, the simplest type is conventional bra and panties suits.This sexy underwear is very suitable for all models, and you can choose a variety of styles and patterns when shooting.

In short, when shooting photography, understanding the type of love underwear is very important for creating outstanding photos.Pay attention to the selection of texture, appearance of appearance, tailoring of clothes and suitable colors.Through simple skills and understanding of different types of erotic underwear, you can create very attractive photos.

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