Tmall jumps out of sexy sheets

1 Introduction

As a representative of Chinese e -commerce, Tmall has more than 600 million active users. It is one of China’s largest online retail and B2C platforms. It has always been committed to creating a better online shopping experience.However, recently, Tmall jumped out of a controversial category in the Chinese market -sexy underwear.

2. The definition of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear refers to the unique and unique sexy underwear. In the Chinese market, it can include two categories: adult products and underwear. They are sexy and aesthetic design to stimulate customers’ visual feelings.

3. The reason why Tmall introduces sexy underwear

Tmall introduces sexy underwear, mainly because this category is very popular in overseas markets, and also has certain market demand in the Chinese underwear market. Therefore, Tmall tries to expand its product line and increase market share.

4. Single of sex underwear consumers

The consumption group of sexy underwear is mainly young women aged 20-40 and adult men.They tend to pursue sexy, fashionable, quality and innovation, and also hope to get a better quality experience.

5. The development trend of the sex lingerie industry

With the gradual acceptance and opening up of sexual topics, sexy underwear has gradually become a trend of consumption.In the future, the development of the sex underwear market has great potential, especially with the aging population and the decline in fertility, the sexy underwear market is expected to develop into a large consumer market.

6. The competitive pattern of the sexy underwear market

In the sexy underwear market, the current major competitors include Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, and HM.These brands have their unique market positioning and have high brand awareness.

7. Tmall introduces controversy in sexy underwear

However, Tmall’s introduction of sex underwear is controversial in the Chinese market.Many people believe that sexy underwear will have a negative impact on traditional social values and even cause social instability.However, some people think that this is just a business model without a lot of fuss.

8. Tmall introduces the market prospects of sexy underwear

Although Tmall introduced some doubts at the beginning of the beginning of sex, over time, the sales of sexy underwear on Tmall are still good.It can be found through market response that the product of sex underwear will still have a certain market prospect in Tmall in the future.

9. Summary

Whether it is supporting or opposing Tmall’s introduction of sexy underwear, in fact, sexy underwear has become a consumption trend in the global consumer goods market.In this market, with consumers’ more demand for information and more open concepts, the market prospects of sexy underwear are expected to develop greatly.

10. Viewpoint

Tmall’s introduction of sexy underwear does face some challenges in the Chinese market, but this is also a business model and consumption trend.We should look at this category with a rational attitude, and on the basis of respecting individual rights, we continuously improve the tolerance and understanding of society’s naked sexual choices.

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