The pain point of sexy underwear

1 Introduction

As a personal privacy costume, sexy underwear is not a topic that most people like to discuss in public.But in fact, many sexy underwear has a lot of pain points when wearing it. These pain points affect the quality of life and the experience of sexy underwear.Therefore, in this article, we will explore the pain points of sexy underwear and provide solutions to make women more confident and comfortable when wearing sexy underwear.

2. The size does not match

Size is an important issue for sexy underwear.Excessive or too small sexy underwear will not only affect the beauty, but also cause pain, marks or puffiness.Therefore, we recommend that you measure your size first when buying sexy underwear, and then refer to the brand’s size table to choose the size that suits you.

3. Poor quality

Due to cost, the quality of some sexy underwear is not satisfactory.For example, rough wire heads, adhesive substances, and wiring can affect the comfort of underwear.Therefore, we propose to purchase products of regular brands when buying sexy underwear, which can ensure quality and service life.

4. Not fit

Some women’s figures are too special or unbalanced, often leading to uncomfortable sex underwear.This may cause discomfort, marks or cuts.Some women may choose to modify or customize themselves, but this often increases costs and risks.We recommend that in this case, we should choose a brand or customized brand that suits your body for purchase.

5. Not in line with personal style

Different women have different aesthetics and styles, and the existing sexy underwear market often only provides limited choices.Therefore, many women choose DIY or other informal methods to satisfy their preferences.We believe that brands should increase the investigation and research of consumers’ preferences and provide more choices to meet more women’s needs.

6. Roll or deform

Some sexy underwear will roll or deform during the dressing process, which not only affects beauty, but also causes traces.This may be caused by improper selection and production methods of materials.Therefore, we recommend choosing materials with certain protection performance, checking the product production method when buying, and selecting sexy underwear with high -quality materials.

7. Insufficient plasticity

Some sexy underwear does not have enough plasticity and cannot adapt to different body dynamics, especially during exercise.Therefore, for women who need some activities, it is recommended to choose erotic or adjustable sexy underwear.

8. Lack of comfort

Many sexy underwear is uncomfortable, including irritating materials and design, scratches or marks.Therefore, we recommend that consumers should first consider comfort when buying sexy underwear.When choosing, it is recommended that women with smaller breasts choose steel ring underwear, while women in larger breasts can choose no steel ring underwear.

9. Maintenance difficulty

Some sexy underwear is troublesome to use and maintain.Some need to be washed, and the hand washing process may cause damage and back color.Therefore, we recommend that when buying sexy underwear, we should carefully study the cleaning instructions and choose the products that are convenient and easy to clean.

10. End

In summary, consumers need to pay attention to problems in multiple aspects when buying and wearing sexy underwear, from the suitable size to brand selection, material problems, plasticity, and difficulty in cleaning.Therefore, when choosing and buying sexy underwear, you need to study carefully, not only pursue beauty, but also pay attention to comfort and protection performance.Brands should pay more attention to consumer needs and individuality, and provide more choices and related solutions.

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