The sexy underwear of drying is found to the neighbors

The sexy underwear of drying is found to the neighbors

You are ready to write an awkward article about drying sexy underwear to neighbors.Whether you are out of interest or occupation, understanding love underwear and details are necessary for maintaining and politeness.In this article, we will explore the problem of drying sexy underwear and how to avoid similar situations.

Why does drying underwear bring embarrassment?

Even if you have the right to put on any clothes you want to wear, you need to be careful about sexy underwear or more teasing clothes.This is not only because of the feelings of neighbors, but also for legal reasons.Maybe you live in a hidden place, but the drying of sexy underwear will arouse the curiosity of others. How to deal with this embarrassing scene?

Use drying rack correctly

First, make sure that the drying rack used is stable and firm.You don’t want to let your erotic underwear float in the wind, and you don’t want to risk the risk of hurting others.In addition, the location of the drying rack must also be cautious to avoid drying places where neighbors can see.

Try to use drying bags

Another very good solution is to use drying bags.This bag is designed to hide clothes so that neighbors cannot see the content of drying.The drying bag can be purchased in many places, which is definitely worth buying.

Dry sexy underwear during the peak of the inside out exterior

If you really need to dry the sexy underwear, it is a good idea to try to dry as much as possible.For example, at night or early morning, the neighbors may still be asleep or prepare to work at these times. This is a good time to dry the sexy underwear.

Consider the use of masks

In some cases, even if you take the above measures, if the neighbors can still see drying sexy underwear, then consider using mask.For example, adding some vegetation to the trees around the drying rack can effectively cover anything that the neighbors may see.

Never dry underwear in public areas

Since you don’t want to dry up sexy underwear to become a topic of neighbors, the most important thing is never to dry underwear or sexy underwear in public areas.This is not only unpopular, but it may also make you embarrassed.

Remember: respect and politeness are the key

Although you have no obligation to do anything for the neighbors, in any case, respect and politeness are the top priority.It is necessary to ensure that the drying underwear will not cause any discomfort to the community or neighbors, and at any time, and be cautious and responsible.

Observe local law

Finally, although you have your own views on drying sexy underwear, you should still abide by local laws.In some places about drying clothes, you need to comply with these regulations to avoid any unnecessary trouble.


In life, people will touch the wall everywhere.Many preventive measures can be taken to avoid embarrassing scenes to neighbors due to drying sexy underwear.If there is a problem unfortunately, please apologize to the neighbors and ensure that this situation will not happen again. After all, respect and politeness are the basic guidelines that all of us should follow.

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