What are the procedures for sexy underwear to open online stores?

Interesting underwear practitioners know that in the Internet era, opening a sexy underwear online store is a very promising entrepreneurial choice.However, in terms of necessary procedures and standardization, it may not be clear for novices.This article will introduce to you what procedures need to open a sexy underwear online store.

1. Register a company

First of all, if you want to open a sexy underwear online store, you must register a limited liability company or a joint -stock company to make it a legal entity.Registered companies need to prepare relevant materials, such as identity certification, bank accounts and planning books.

2. Business license

After successfully registering the company, you need to apply and obtain a business license.Business license is the basic proof of business, and it is a necessary condition for applying for other proofs.In addition, the business license also needs to conduct an annual inspection to ensure the company’s legitimate operation.

3. Tax Registration Certificate

After obtaining a business license, you need to obtain a tax registration certificate to prove that the company has officially paid taxes.Generally, the tax registration certificate needs to be applied within one month after the company’s registration is completed, and renewal was renewed during the validity period of the business license.

4. Organization code certificate

Organizational code certificate is a logo of enterprise organizations.Obtaining the organizational code certificate is one of the necessary procedures for the company to establish to prove that the company has completed the registration in the Industry and Commerce Bureau and is operating standardized.At the same time, an annual inspection must be performed within the validity period.

5. Open a bank account

You need to open a company bank account to handle the company’s financial affairs.When opening an account, you need to prepare the company’s relevant documents and the identity certificate of the registered manager.

6. Online store filing

Online store filing is one of the necessary procedures for opening a sexy underwear online store.According to relevant regulations, it is necessary to record the online store of the market supervision and management institution in where it is located to prove that the business activities are legal and abide by the relevant norms and laws.

7. Product filing

After the online store is filed, you also need to record the sexy underwear products for sales.When filing, the product name, model, specifications, manufacturers, traceability code and other information are required, and the product quality inspection is performed.

8. Early warning mechanism establishment

After the user’s suspension list authoritative agencies enter the information such as product performance and security into the system, the website will compare with the system in real time to list products that are prohibited from selling on the website to ensure the rights of consumers.

9. Copyright, patent and trademark

The product design of sexy underwear is often very exquisite. Therefore, due to the protection of the interests of the company and avoiding infringement, it is recommended to register and apply for related design and trademarks.

10. Marketing

You need to make effective marketing strategies to attract and maintain customers.This requires more understanding of market and user needs, and continuously innovating sales strategies.Through various channels to promote and promote, the sexy lingerie online store enjoys good reputation and high -quality services.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is a promising entrepreneurial choice. When opening a sex underwear online store, you need to complete a series of standardized procedures to ensure the legitimate and worry -free business activities.Although the procedures are cumbersome, in future business operations, it can effectively avoid unnecessary risks caused by negligence.Looking back on the above, the standardized operation of the enterprise not only gives the enterprise a clear legal person identity, but also has the function of improving the reputation of the company. This is an indispensable link in our entrepreneurship.

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