What fabrics to buy in sex lingerie

What fabric to buy in sex lingerie?

Its fabric is equally important for sexy underwear.How to choose suitable fabrics?Let’s understand below.

1. Polyester

Polyester is a kind of artificial fiber with gloss and soft feel, suitable for making some luster -feeling underwear.Polyester has the characteristics of difficulty deformation and is more durable.

2. cotton

Cotton fabric has good hygroscopicity, good breathability, and is not easy to allergic. Therefore, it is more suitable for underwear, which can bring a soft skin sensation to the skin.However, the disadvantage of cotton fabric is easy to get hair balls.

3. lace

Lace is a very distinctive fabric, the material is woven and intertwined by the yarn.Lace fabrics can even be used as one of the main elements of sexy underwear, revealing the desire and mysterious atmosphere.

4. Silk

Silk is a natural fabric with gloss and good breathability and comfort.However, it is more easily damaged and needs to be cautious.

5. Satin

Satin is a very smooth fabric, its texture is soft and gloss.Satin can bring a noble feeling to sexy underwear.

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Polyester fiber is the best choice for sports fabrics, and it has excellent elasticity and abrasion resistance.Polycolic fiber does not require much maintenance, and usually durability is also very high.

7. Real silk

Real silk is a natural fabric, its texture is soft and smooth and has good breathability.However, the price of real silk is also more expensive.

8. Line

Linen is a very unique natural fabric with good breathability.However, its fiber is easy to break and is not durable.

9. Polyamide fiber

Polyamine fiber has good elasticity, and the fabric structure is strong, which can increase the diversity of types and design.But compared to certain natural fibers, its breathability is not ideal.

10. latex

Llacket is a popular natural material in recent years. Its material is soft and easy to fit the skin, which is very suitable for sexual emotional and interesting underwear.

Therefore, what kind of fabrics need to depend on personal needs.It should be noted that quality, comfort and breathability are the focus of buying sexy underwear.

The above is all the contents of this article, I hope to help you.

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