What are the sexy lingerie movies

What are the sexy lingerie movies

As an important cultural carrier, film is not only a visual and auditory enjoyment, but also a display of the times, culture, and character.In the movie, sexy underwear, as a sexy clothing, not only shows the beautiful body of women, but also highlights the personality and taste of women.This article will introduce a few movies wearing sexy underwear and explore the significance of sexy underwear in the movie.

Part 1: "Conquest in Love"

"Conquering Love Sea" is a movie directed by Oliver Stone, starring Elizabeth Shebert.In the movie, Elizabeth Shebers wore a sexy black sex underwear, and her style interpreted her exploration of dreams, freedom and life.

Part 2: "Red Fierce Spirit"

"Red Fierce Spirit" is a movie directed by Wes Clevin, starring Neva Campbell.In the movie, Neva Campbell wore a set of black sexy underwear, showing her strong and sexy image, and it was also her source of confidence.

Part 3: "Love Night Story"

"Love Night Story" is a movie directed by Robert Rodriguez, starring Jennifer Ellen.In the movie, Jennifer Ellen was wearing a green sexy underwear, interpreting her affection and wildness to the fullest, showing the audience a female charm that is different from conventional.

Part 4: "A Beautiful Day"

"Beautiful Day" is a movie directed by Brown Winde Anderson, starring Gwinnis Patlo.In the movie, Gwinnis Patto wore a set of red sexy underwear, showing her confidence and sexy, and therefore became a dazzling landscape.

Part 5: "Spy Shadow"

"Spy Shadow" is a movie directed by Paul Green Galas, starring Marty Dimon.In the movie, the female agent played by Martimon wearing a black sexy underwear not only showed her sexy, but also showed her unwavering determination and courage.

Part 6: "Toy Story 3"

"Toy Story 3" is a movie produced by Pixar Animation Studio. Although it is an cartoon, there is also a plot of sexy underwear.In this movie, toy character Barbie wore a very sexy pink sexy underwear, showing the audience a different type of doll world.

Part 7: "Beach"

"Beach" is a movie directed by Danny Boyer, starring Leonardo Dicaprio.In the movie, the heroine British Thai Chinese actress Julie Ying appeared on the screen for the first time wearing a sexy underwear. She wore a red and sexy underwear, showing her beauty and sexy, and also showed the audience a different OrientalWomen’s beauty.

Part 8: "Anna and King"

"Anna and King" is a movie directed by Andrew Davis, starring Judy Foster.The film is based on the historical story of Thailand, telling the story of a British female teacher in Thailand.In this movie, Judy Foster wore a traditional Thai sexy underwear, showing her sexy and personality.


In short, the sexy underwear in these movies is not only an important manifestation of the character in the film, but also a pursuit of fashion and beauty.The details of the charm of women’s charm are displayed through sexy underwear, so that the audience can feel the power of beauty.

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