What kind of material for sex underwear

Understand the material of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is an important part of women to show self -charm and sexy. Different styles of materials are different, so you need to understand the material when buying styles.The following is a detailed explanation of the material.

Korean fiber material

Korean fiber material is a widely used material in sexy underwear, which is welcomed because it is easy to extend vertically.Its texture is special, which is very suitable for personal use, which can reduce the discomfort such as folds and squeezing, while. At the same time, it has good breathability.


In the production of sexy underwear, lace materials are considered a material with a translucent and good and personal effect.It can be used for making yarn, lace texture, hook needle and air weaving.In addition, lace materials are a durable but soft and close -fitting material, which are often used in the intersection and shoulder straps of underwear.

Silk material

Silk materials are one of the most valuable materials in sex underwear.It is a natural and smooth material that can enhance the curve of the body and make people feel smooth and cool.

Satin material

The satin material is one of the most commonly used materials in sex underwear.It is a smooth, soft, high -quality material, which is very suitable for women who are personal.The underwear made of satin material is colorful, vivid, unique and elegant.

Leather material

Leather is a very durable and fashionable material, and is widely used in the production of sexy underwear.Common leather materials include artificial leather, PU leather, natural leather, and crocodile leather.Of course, leather materials are more irritating to the skin, so you need to apply some skin care products before wearing.

Cotton material

Cotton materials are a comfortable and soft natural material, and their hygroscopic and breathability are very good.Cotton materials are often used to make comfortable and breathable sexy underwear, and have the advantages of durability and easy cleaning.

Art silk material

Art silk material is a very soft and durable material, so it is widely used in the production of sexy underwear.It is characterized by elasticity, can adapt to the body’s curve, and has extremely high breathability.

Composite material

Composite materials are a material made by combining two or more materials.Common combinations are: Korean fiber, silk, cotton and artificial fibers.Such sexy underwear has both the superiority of other materials and special feel.

metallic material

Although these are not conventional sexy underwear materials, they are used to make various sex accessories such as handcuffs, leather whip, mouthball, and handcuffs.Usually use sharp or smooth metals to make the design more interesting, but you need to pay attention to safety when using.


Different materials have different characteristics, and the focus of each material is different.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to give priority to your preferences for material and tolerance for skin.Select the right sexy underwear and put on it, you will have a confident and sexy beautiful experience.

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