Where do you put the sexy underwear

Introduction: The problem of sexy underwear nowhere to be placed

For couples who are pursuing sexual blessings, sexy underwear is an indispensable essential product, but many people encounter a problem, that is, sexy underwear has nowhere to place it. This is not only annoying, but also affects the use of sexy underwear.Life, so how can we put in sex underwear properly?

Part 1: Use a closed storage box

If you have a lot of sexy underwear and you want to keep them fresh and clean for a long time, then using a closed storage box may be a good way.This box can not only effectively avoid the erosion of dust and moisture, but also protect the material of the underwear.

Part 2: Dedicated hook

If you want to make the sexy underwear softer, then dedicated hooks may be a good choice.These linked design can protect the shape of the sexy underwear, and at the same time, it can hang your underwear neatly in the wardrobe.

Part 3: Use the vacuum bag

If you want to put the fun underwear in a relatively small space, then using vacuum bags may be a good choice.These bags can compress your underwear to the smallest volume, so as to save you more space.

Part 4: Use the drawer storage box

If you want to make sexy underwear easier to remove, then using a drawer storage box can help you reach your wish.This type of box often has a layered design, which can be sorted and stored in different styles of underwear, and it is more convenient to remove it.

Part 5: Use a hanging hanger

If you want your sexy underwear to store with other clothes, then using hanging hanger may be your only choice.This method can save space to the greatest extent, but you also need to ensure the cleanliness and cleanliness of the wardrobe.

Part 6: Make good use of bed space

If your room is relatively small and the wardrobe is not spacious, then making good use of the bed space can help you store more sexy underwear.You can put underwear in a large fresh -keeping bag and store it under the bed.

Part 7: Keep dry and ventilation

No matter what kind of storage you use, it is very important to keep drying and ventilation.You can place lavender, bamboo charcoal bags, etc. in the wardrobe to absorb the tide, or you can open a small mouth on the top of the wardrobe to keep ventilation.

Part 8: Don’t fold the lace panties

If you buy a lot of lace panties, do not fold them and store them, which will make the lace unable to fully develop, affecting beauty and life.The best way is to hang them with dedicated hooks.

Part 9: Avoid using a drying machine

Although the drying machine is convenient and fast, it is ruthless for sexy underwear.The heat and friction can cause the wear and shrinking of the underwear material, making the original soft underwear stiff, which seriously affects comfort.

Part 10: Conclusion

On the issue of storing sex underwear, different solutions should be selected according to your needs.Whether it is a closed storage box, a hook, or using the bed space, it is necessary to keep dry and ventilation to protect the gift of love.Finally, I hope that while enjoying a fun life, they can also properly keep their sexy underwear.

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